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Houston 2021 Retreat

Virtual Goodie Bag

Alzheimer’s Association
Join the free online community for everyone affected by Alzheimer's or another dementia by the Alzheimer’s Association.
 Click here to create your personalized caregiver action plan with links to information, support and local resources.
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Partner In Care
Certified Independent Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Trainer and Consultant, Laura Hendrie trained by Teepa Snow in the Santa Fe area and consults worldwide-via online.
Free Yoga and Community support for all.
Classes are gentle, slow and mindful. No yoga experience is needed. Our classes are created with the busy Caregiver in mind.
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African American Alzheimer’s Wellness
First Program
With African American’s having the greatest risk for developing this disease, we are here to provide the much needed support and education to move our community of caregivers forward. The Wellness First a program provides community health workers as personal coaches to help you reach all of your wellness goals!
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Caregiver Wellness Podcast
We provide resources and practical techniques to combat caregiver burnout and stress.
Listeners will boost their overall mental and physical health and well-being.
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A gathering of experts in end of life care, Yoga, mindfulness, and holistic care to create a supportive space for caregivers to learn, reflect, and experience wellness tools that can be helpful during the end of life.
Registration is free and by donation.
Better care for the families we serve and fair wages for those who care for them. Your Personal Care Coordinator will look to match you with caregivers who fit your unique care needs. This means we not only help you find a caregiver to meet your schedule and duties, but one who will become part of your family.
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Pranava Yoga Studio
Founder of Caregiver Wellness Retreats invites you to enjoy her free meditations. 
Project Act
 Spousal caregivers from the Houston area into are invited by Rice University to this study to help understand the experiences and burdens of spousal caregivers of those diagnosed with AD and/or dementia. Your experiences may help to develop interventions designed to relieve some of the mental burdens experienced by spousal caregivers.
Partner In Care
Dr. Natali, a board certified geropsychologist is gifting you with a Careblazer Survival guide from that includes strategies for managing difficult dementia behaviors and caregiver stress.

Family caregiving can be hard. The folks at BakerRipley have gathered a number of Houston-based resources to make the process easier for you.

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Calgary Resources

Our next online retreat will be broadcast from Calgary on May 29th. Click here to register. We will be posting more information soon!

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary liaison is Cindy Bond. The Alzheimer Society of Calgary is here for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Support Team is available to provide free, confidential advice and information.
Call 403.290.0110 or email

Book Giveaways
The Caregiving Journey: Information. Guidance. Inspiration.
By Debbie Howard
The Caregiving Journey goes far beyond the basics of wills and logistical funeral plans–basics many people have in place (especially where children are involved). Rather, you’ll be guided and supported to create a well-thought-out plan for those three, five or even 10 or more years when your loved one needs your help because they can no longer live on their own. With the inspiration, practical steps, support, and tools provided inside these pages, you’ll be well-equipped to guide your family members and loved ones to the end of their lives with love, ease and grace.
Surviving Alzheimer's
With Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine.
By Dayna Steele
With unfiltered observations and sometimes dark humor, author Dayna Steele chronicled her mother's journey with Alzheimer's on Facebook. This collection of Alzheimer's updates posted on the social media network includes biting humor and raw emotion as Dayna carries you from the diagnosis to the inevitable end. Also included are sections from a neurologist, Long Term Care insurance specialist, other caregivers, documents expert, elder care attorney, and an assisted living advisor. This is a journey way too many of us are going to experience in one way or another. If you have to experience Alzheimer's and chances are you will - do it like Dayna with love, wit, and wine.
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